Top 6 Things to Consider When Looking for a Healthcare Marketing Agency

What happens in an ever-evolving environment, particularly healthcare, when a combination of technological acceleration, social change, and the pandemic disrupts normalcy? It is time for wellness and healthcare companies to put change into practice and take steps to make sure they stand out.

Today, consumers are displaying great interest in their personal health and have countless options at their fingertips. Healthcare providers have to make extra efforts to highlight their services and make sure that they are picked by people seeking medical services. 

All of this may sound a little overwhelming to any practice, especially because this is not their core skill or expertise. Additionally, a typical medical practice is unlikely to have an in-house marketing team with the ability or experience to build and execute a foolproof healthcare marketing strategy. Therefore, partnering with a professional healthcare marketing agency is considered the smartest way to approach marketing in this industry.

However, a healthcare practitioner does not want just any firm. To get the best results and gain a competitive edge, it is important to work with a healthcare marketing agency that has proven success in this field and has the potential to drive the desired results for healthcare practices.

How to Choose the Right Healthcare Marketing Agency?

When it comes to selecting the right healthcare marketing agency, there are a few key factors to consider, especially in terms of experience, verified success with previous clients, and the availability of an expert team of marketing professionals. To help you select the right healthcare marketing agency for your practice, here are the top 6 factors that you should consider before making a decision.


1. What Are Your Marketing Goals?

The key factor while initiating a healthcare marketing agency search is to determine the core objective of your healthcare practice. Understanding marketing goals is the first and most important parameter for judging how well an agency can impact the business. Some common marketing goals for medical practices and healthcare businesses include increasing qualified leads, enhancing reputations for physicians, and strengthening the online presence and sales of products and services. Moreover, a clear vision of both short-term and long-term activities can help in making clear choices and decisions.

2. Expertise and Experience in Healthcare Marketing

Once the goals are set and agencies specify how they directly support these goals, it is important to know if the agency has extensive experience in driving the desired results. Healthcare is a highly regulated industry where providers need to follow various set standards and report to regulatory authorities. Therefore, building and implementing effective marketing strategies require a partner with deep knowledge of these standards and the overall industry. It is thus recommended to check how the agency has handled its past and present clients and if it has an impressive track record.

3. Staying Ahead of Trends

If the marketing agency does not keep up with the latest evolutions and technological innovations in the healthcare industry, the practice is likely to fall behind the competition. Thus, working with an agency with knowledge about the latest developments and how these will impact the overall industry can be extremely beneficial for the success of your healthcare practice. It is crucial to ask the agency if it understands new technologies such as the impact of big data, uses of AI tools in delivering better patient experiences, and challenges of telehealth or telemedicine services to make clear future decisions.

4. Strong Measure of Success

Are attractive portfolios and websites enough to choose a healthcare marketing agency? The answer is No. It is more important to find a partner that delivers real-world results rather than some vanity metrics. When selecting a marketing partner, you need to look for an agency that offers excellent healthcare marketing solutions by implementing proven processes and methodologies that generate repeated and successful results. It is also essential to look for an agency that not only helps develop strategies for current challenges but also provides training, skillsets, and marketing technologies to deliver effective results in the long run.

5. Reputation: Balancing Growth and Quality 

Does the agency have a good reputation? Does it deliver good returns on investment? Has it been successful with other clients? These are some of the key questions to consider before choosing a healthcare marketing agency. With changing business landscape from traditional lengthy paperwork to online, business reviews, online listing, and specialized agency listing are considered the best window to an agency’s reputation. As marketing evolves at a rapid pace, an agency should work in an agile mode and change its tactics and methodologies based on the evolving consumer preferences while improving its fundamentals of branding.  

6. Pricing: A Fundamental Consideration

Finance is undeniably an important aspect of any business. Therefore, it is always best to have a clear understanding of the budget for investment in marketing, and subsequently, choose an agency that best fits your budget. When it comes to choosing an agency based on pricing, an agency that offers a complete balance of cost and quality is deemed a very good option. Moreover, both the agency and client should have the same understanding of rates, fees, and retainers, as well as any extra charges, to strengthen the partnerships and avoid any financial surprises in the future.


A healthcare marketing agency can make or break today’s health-related businesses. Considering all of the above factors can help you make an informed decision and choose the perfect marketing agency for your healthcare practice. To learn about how to tap into new marketing trends and attract more prospective patients or customers, get in touch with an HCreative expert today.